MikroTik logo

Usage guidelines

  • The Logo may not be used in any manner that might imply that any non-MikroTik materials, including but not limited to goods, services, websites, or publications are sponsored, endorsed, licensed by, or affiliated with MikroTik.
  • The Logo may not be displayed as a primary or prominent feature on any non-MikroTik materials. Companies using the Logo pursuant to these guidelines must also display in the primary and more prominent position, their own logo(s), business name, product names, or other branding.
  • The Logo may not be imitated or used as a design feature in any manner.
  • The Logo may not be used in a manner that would disparage MikroTik or its products or services.
  • The Logo must be used as provided by MikroTik with no changes, including but not limited to changes in the color, proportion, or design, or removal of any words, artwork, or trademark symbols. The Logo may not be animated, morphed, or otherwise distorted in perspective or appearance.
  • The Logo must stand alone and may not be combined with any other object, including but not limited to other logos, words, graphics, photos, slogans, numbers, design features, or symbols. The Logo must never be used to represent the word "MikroTik" in text, including in a headline, product-name logotype, or body copy.

Logo file downloads

Click on the following links to download the respective logo in vector format.